Commercial Insurance

Risk is a factor in any business. We believe that with the proper strategy and the right insurance partner, it is a factor that can be managed. We assess, analyze, manage, and treat the risks facing your organization with a custom plan for less of an investment than you’d expect. We represent a wide variety of carriers so that we can find the right coverage to match your business’ unique needs.

PEPP (Municipalities)

Public Entity Protection Program (PEPP): Coverage specifically for municipalities large and small.

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Specialized offerings for contractors and artisans of industry.

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Programs for veterinary clinics/hospitals, day cares, kennels, groomers and pet-walkers.

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Fire / Rescue / EMS

Specialized coverage protecting Emergency Service Organizations and their Members.

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Risk Management

Proven strategies to reduce cost and improve corporate culture (AFIRM).

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Protecting organizations that do so much to serve the needs of others.

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General Liability

In our increasingly litigious society, businesses of any size are at risk of lawsuit for more and more with each passing year. General liability policies respond to these suits and provide coverage when a judgement or settlement of legal responsibility results.

NOTE: Are you actually covered? Personal Liability coverage, including Umbrella policies, typically exclude commercial enterprises or business-related risks. Often, personal auto policies also exclude business use (like hauling products or materials to a job). Contact us today to discuss how to properly protect your business.

Commercial Auto

Unlike personal auto insurance, commercial or business automotive policies provides broader and more complete coverage at higher limits. There are many reasons to consider a Commercial auto policy. A few of the most common qualifying questions are:

  • Are you are using your vehicle for extensive work purposes
  • Is the vehicle lettered/has graphics
  • Is it used to tow/haul for business

These are just a few of the triggers that would cause an agent to suggest a Commercial Auto policy. Contact us today to make sure your business is not at risk.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation protects both the employer and the employee engaged in a W-2 agreement in the event of a job-related injury resulting from accident or occupational disease.

The worker is protected against medical costs resulting from an injury or disease at work. The employer is protected from a law-suit resulting from a work-related injury or disease. In most policies, an additional Employer’s Liability policy further protects the employer from liability related to injuries that might not fall under a state’s workers compensation statute.

Statutory limits for Employer’s Liability are often not enough to satisfy contracts that vendors may require. We can create a custom package that will provide your organization with the limits needed to stay competitive.

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